The Different Types of Cryptocurrency

The Different Types of Cryptocurrency

The technology behind cryptocurrency and the various assets of the blockchain is huge. There are thousands of assets that are impossible to understand in a short period of time. Fortunately, we can separate them into smaller classes to understand the purpose behind them. However, we must remember that there are non-currency assets too, that are also covered in this list.

Payment currencies

Payment currencies

It is comprehensible by the name that payment currencies imply that we use this as a form of payment. Whenever you wish to purchase goods or services, or your regular bill payment, or playing the vendor, you may turn your virtual currency into the regular money, like a pound or a dollar. Not all vendors are adopting the virtual money as a mode of payment. Under these circumstances, you can use payment currencies to pay off your vendors. Some popular examples are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin etc.

Economies of blockchain

There is a bigger purchase behind the blockchain technology, than merely just cryptocurrency. They have cracked all the problems that are faced in the banking systems, and have successfully implemented safety, and tamper proof ledger, that no one can change for their purpose. This decentralized application can be used in various industries of hospitals, voting etc. They are making the transactions more transparent, as one transaction made, is on the ledger forever.

Privacy coins

The focus behind privacy in digital assets is huge. When a transaction is made on the privacy coin transaction, only the receive and the sender are made aware of the quantity of coins that have been involved in the transaction. But this is not the casino when it comes to bitcoin transactions. The wallet also displays the balances, make it more prone to privacy invasion.

Utility tokens

The spine behind the utility token is the Ethereum blockchain, and more and more cryptocurrencies as adopting this. These are nothing but digital tokens are to be used to purchase product or a service.

Stable coins

These are famous among those who trade crypto. The trader sells an asset as soon as they get a hunch that this particular asset is all set to underperform. This way, these are able to make profits, and move on to the crypto that makes them money.

Stable coins


Learning these technologies initially is scary, but as time goes buy and you invest your time and efforts in these, you should learn a lot more and begin trading too, to have a passive income.  It will allow you to make sure that you are abreast in all sorts of assets, while also spreading knowledge to those around you, who might be lagging behind.

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